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SST 09992-00023 – Compression tester compatibility

We’ve had a few people write to us to see if our SST 09992-00023 compression test adapter will work with their diesel compression tester. This info might help.

The Toyota 13B/13BT is a direct-injection engine. It does not use glow plugs. So you have to use the fuel injector hole in the cylinder head to perform a compression test. Most diesel compression testers come with a range of glow plug adapters and a few common injector adapters. It’s extremely rare to find a compression tester kit that will come with the correct adapter for the Toyota 13B/13BT engine. That’s why we designed our adapter.

We designed the adapter to work with most diesel compression testers. However it’s not compatible with everything out there. How can you tell if your tester will work? Here’s a few photos that might help.

When you order the adapter you can specify 1/8″ NPT or 1/4″ NPT threads. This photo shows the threads.
13B compression test

Your compression tester would connect to the adapter like this:
13BT compression test

Or like this:
13BT compression tester

Or this:
Toyota 13B-T compression tester

And it fits into the fuel injector hole in the cylinder head:
13bt cylinder head

So you have to be sure that your compression tester has removable quick-change fittings that will thread into a 1/8″NPT or 1/4″NPT thread. If you’re looking to buy a compression tester it’s easy to spot a compatible kit if there are removable fittings as indicated by the yellow arrows in this photo:

We also sell the adapter with an untapped hole you so you can tap any thread size/pitch you might need.