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Compression Test Adapter 13B/13BT & 12HT

Compression Test Adapter 13B/13BT & 12HT


Replacement / substitute for Toyota SST 09992-00023 Gauge Adapter, 13B/13BT engines.



Replacement / substitute for Toyota SST 09992-00023 Gauge Adapter

SST 09992-00023 from Toyota is a complete diesel engine compression testing kit. The SST includes many adapters for various engines. This product is not a kit. It is a single compression test adapter for the direct injected 3.4L 4 cylinder Toyota 13B and 13BT engines. It also works with the six cylinder 4.0 liter 12H-T engine.

This is an adapter only. You would use it with your own diesel engine compression test gauge. It comes tapped with either 1/8″ NPT threads, 1/4″ NPT threads or no threading for you to connect it to your tester’s hose and quick connects. Please check your tester’s fittings for compatibility. If your tester uses -AN style connectors you will need to source a -AN to NPT adapter.

Want to be sure our adapter will work with your compression tester? Here’s some more info on Toyota SST 09992-00023 compatibility.

We also include a Schrader valve you can install in the cylinder-end of the adapter. This valve ensures the adapter and gauge doesn’t add any volume to the compression chamber. Don’t use the Schrader valve when connecting to a leakdown tester. Without the Schrader valve the adapter increases the volume of the compression chamber a bit. The added volume will lower your compression readings by 3% of you don’t use the valve. If you do use the valve it will take a few extra rotations of the engine to get an accurate reading because it has to overcome any pressure the valve may be retaining.

These are CNC machined from cast iron bar stock by JR Fabrication in New Portland, ME. We produce the un-tapped adapters in batches of 12 and try to keep a few in stock at all times. We drill and tap the NPT threads after receiving an order. We can usually ship your order within 2 to 3 days of receipt.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Adapter threads

1/4" NPT, 1/8" NPT, No threads


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