Refurbish antique diesel engines with modern parts


Socially Awkward by Necessity

I’ve set up some social media pages at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not sure why. Seemed like the thing to do if I want people to think I’m serious about all this stuff I’m rambling on and on about.

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Sensing Engine Speed – Various Approaches

Random thoughts about sensing engine speed. What’s better? a) Piezoelectric transducer clamped on a fuel injection line, b) Hall Effect sensor or c) a variable reluctance geared tooth sensor? I think I will need to test at least 2, possibly all three. My thoughts on each approach.

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Sensors and Such

The turbo controller will need a handful of sensors to help it think about things.

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The Design Blog – An Intro

I’ve had this site up and running for a couple years. Not much happening here in that time. My work schedule has finally freed up enough that I can start devoting some time to working on some projects that I’ve wanted to do for a few years.

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