Refurbish antique diesel engines with modern parts


Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 Many years ago I was the Director of Engineering for two computer peripheral companies in southern California. I moved to the woods of Maine and left the drudgery of office dwelling behind. Now I’d rather be cruising backroads in my BJ42 or HJ45. I don’t miss life in California but I do miss the creative process of building new hardware and software.

Anyone that’s owned an old diesel Land Cruiser for more than a few months will eventually run into problems sourcing parts. Many of the parts and special service tools referenced in the Factory Service Manuals are obsolete from the manufacturer and simply not available anywhere. (Or you’ll need to pay a king’s ransom if you can find the part somewhere.) There are many people out there like me that want to keep their old vehicles on the road. This prompted me to start thinking about designing and manufacturing replacements for some of these obsolete items.

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